Branding Yourself in a World Full of Labels

The media exposes us to an overwhelming variety of people, cities and lifestyles, making it hard to keep up with understanding of who we really are. It is necessary for us to step back every once in a while and focus on our own lives. 

How can we set ourselves apart and offer something unique to the world?

1. Write out a plan

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Write down how you feel about your life, what you want to accomplish and where you want to end up in the near future. Make a plan that will enable you to start developing into your ideal self. This will help you align with branding yourself and understanding the type of person you want to portray.

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2. Affirmations

Reassurance feels great, especially coming from yourself. You can be your worst enemy or you can be your biggest fan. Words of affirmation will assist in finding the confidence you need to be your best self. Create a list of words, quotes and phrases that will resonate with you throughout your day. Reciting them before getting your day started or whenever you feel at your lowest is best.

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3. Create a vision board

Gather your old magazines and begin collecting images that embody what you stand for. Creating a vision board will increase your desire to be your own personal definition of great. Make it totally about you, including some visual expectations that you can work toward. For example, if you want to  embrace a healthier lifestyle, consider selecting photos displaying workouts or tips for a healthy diet.

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4. Embrace your strengths (and weaknesses!)

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and knowing what they are is important. By knowing your strengths you are aware of what you do best. Understanding your weaknesses is also beneficial, because you are able to build on them. Invest in what you're good at in order to be better and take the time to work on what you aren't good at in order to be efficient. For example, if you're good at taking pictures, consider starting your own photography service and building a clientele. If you're not so good at staying organized with appointments, consider keeping a physical planner with scheduled dates. This will help maintain or boost your strength in photography and improve your organizational skills.

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5. Have an organized digital footprint

Social media can create amazing opportunities if used correctly. Organizing your social media to fit your personality is key to branding yourself. Think of your social media accounts as portfolios of who you are. Utilize your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more to network and show off your passions. You never know who is watching, so it is important to present yourself in a favorable light and create a unique platform. 

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Branding yourself takes time, but you can start right now. Consider keeping a journal that documents your accomplishments and track your progress.