PAQ: The YouTubers Elevating Men's Streetwear

As of recently, men's streetwear has been reduced to torn oversized everything and anything that Kanye West brainwashes people into thinking is stylish. Therefore, the men walking down the streets are either clad in basic polo shirts or sporting t-shirts that are five sizes too big in the name of "fashion."

The boys of PAQ are among the selected few who have acquired their own styles and live everyday in a different outfit, reflecting their artistic vision and individuality. PAQ is a Youtube-based show, centered around four British men in their early 20s and their unique take on fashion in weekly challenges.

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The boys of PAQ prove wrong anyone that has ever or will ever say that there is no room for creativity when it comes to menswear.

Danny, Elias, Dexter and Shaquille make up the PAQ clique along with the occasional guest judges and their cameraman Meeks. Other than PAQ, each of the boys has his own thing going on, which explains how their individual styles came to be.

Shaquille is an art student, which explains his never disappointing artistic visions and love for diy-ing. He is always sporting a pair of overalls and has the ability to pair anything with a beret.

Elias, or as he likes to be called Astro Boy, is the embodiment of the wild 80s fashion. Blinding colors and prints are all he rocks, usually paired with sunglasses and a lot of accessories.

Dexter is the mysterious one of the bunch, always dressed in all black. Despite always being dressed in the same color, he manages to keep it looking new and fresh.

Danny is the preppy, country club belonging, Fred Perry loving model of the group. And regardless of his signature look, he never fails to surprise.

The guys are four exquisite souls with four extraordinary styles that are very recognizable. They are bending the line between menswear and womenswear through their challenges and changing what is expected of a man to wear.

It only takes a single episode to have "PAQ presents" blasting through your speakers every Thursday night, when their scheduled weekly episode drops.