Team Madame Blue's Skincare Essentials

Sharing skincare secrets is a favorite past time of girlfriends. From swapping product reviews to recommending a Holy Grail item, there's a thrill that comes with discovering new favorites that make you feel good and look good. After all, indulging in skin care is one of the best ways to treat yourself!

Some of the women of Madame Blue have rounded up their one skincare essential to compile a list of the ultimate Holy Grail items you might want to give a try! Don't see your favorite product on the list? Drop it in the comments and share it with us!

Michelle Presutti, Graphic Designer

Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask had become my go-to facemask this autumn for the transition into cooler weather. This mask brightens and hydrates for a fresh and dewy look while smoothing fine lines and restoring elasticity. It also works as a toner in a way because it evens out your complexion and reduces any redness you may have. The mask does wonders in one use, leaving your complexion silky, clean and radiant for days.

Valeria Ramos, Editor

With the stress of juggling different responsibilities, sometimes hectic times can take a toll on our skin. One product that can keep your skin feeling clean and fresh is Witch Hazel. This natural toner is a great way to calm the skin without any harsh chemicals. Not only does Witch Hazel have multiple uses, but it is also affordable and available at any drugstore!

India Roby, Writer

Aloe Vera has been trending in skincare lately. This plant is used for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties to heal burns, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin quality. From facemasks to cleansers, I love using Aloe Vera to heal my acne prone skin.

 Most recently, I've been loving Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. This gel can be used for many purposes including moisturizing, priming, and even hair styling. From my experience testing Korean beauty brands, I can definitely attest that I have seen an improvement in my skin. Specifically, my hyperpigmentation and redness have significantly faded. I recommend purchasing this gel if you're looking for an inexpensive yet multi-purpose product.

Jasmine Willis, Writer

Everyone loves a brand that not only transforms your skin but is also ethical and organic. Evan Healy's Rose Face Care Kit checks all those boxes perfectly! After the first use, there is a noticeable glow of the skin. What's so special about this brand is it contains Rose Geranium in its products which, "harmonizes any imbalance of oil production."

Megan Wilson, Writer

Ole Henriksen has changed my skin. I have never had bad acne but whenever I would get a pimple, it would leave a dark spot on my face. I've gone to dermatologists and it takes months to see results from prescription creams and gels. With the Ole Henriksen brightening series, I saw results in just a week. My skin is noticeably brighter and it just looks better!

Iman Taouil, Writer

When you have the misfortune of having natural dark circles, they'll still be there no matter how many how many hours you sleep or how many products you try, as they're simply due to visible veins under the skin. I learned that the hard way. However, you can keep them minimal by keeping actual fatigue-induced dark circles at bay. I found that the Caffeine Solution serum by The Ordinary is a good and effective solution for that, and it will be even more effective on you if you have under eye puffiness. And of top of that, it's unbelievably affordable.