A Guide to Black Friday and Holiday Sale Shopping

By Mireya Pérez

Anna Grostin & Vittoria Ceretti for Vogue Japan by Ellen von Unwerth 

Winter screams sales everywhere:  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales, etc It can feel impossible to go out without being bombarded by red price tags and big SALE signs tempting you to buy something you know you don't need. 

With the arrival of the shopping craziness month, it is normal that more than one loses it and ends up buying clothes and accessories with the tag I´m-not-sure-I-like-it-but-it´s-cheap. It's true that bargains attract, but what seemed like the best article of the year could end up just another rag hanging in the closet that does nothing but occupy space. But by following the steps below, you can avoid ending up buying that unnecessary something and keep your holidays a little less cluttered. 

Photo Courtesy Viva Media

1. Make a List, Check it Twice
What am I really missing? Do I have anything old I need to replace? Make a list of those items you have missed in recent months. If you don't have a basic (white tee, jeans) make sure to take advantage of sales to buy it.

2. Open Your Closet
Shirts, pants, skirts, more shirts... order is key. What do you have and what do you not have?
It is likely you have clothes you even forgot you had. Making a mental inventory (or better yet, a written one) will keep you from buying unnecessary items.

3. Add to the List
It might be time to replace those somewhat worn clothes in your closet when a good sale comes around.  Order your articles of clothing from most to least needed. 

4. Adjust Your Budget
Always calculate the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the sales beforehand to fit your needs and budget. Try to avoid going crazy and save up a little money!

5. Take the Opportunity to Give to Others
Remember those old items we´ve mentioned before? Those that look a bit worn out or those you are simply tired of? Renewing your wardrobe is the perfect chance to give those clothes to charity; those in need will appreciate if you donate them! Holiday sales are also a great time to buy your loved ones a special gift. It is almost Christmas time, and giving is part of the holiday spirit!

Once you have completed these steps, you may consider allowing yourself a whim...