Dorm Styling: It's All in the Details

By: Jasmine Willis

Being able to have a space that feels like home is very important to me, especially when you are busy throughout the day whether that being work or school. Living in a college dorm requires you to think about how to decorate a small space while still providing as much room as possible. And if you're a blogger like me, then it needs to be aesthetically pleasing for pictures as well. This is what I think of while decorating; chic and minimalistic.

I love being a host and having friends over to my room, so I really try to make it kind of "cozy," and an open space for everyone. When you first walk into my room I want others to instantly feel at home and leave feeling inspired. Here are a few details of my dorm that I love!

As you can see, there is not a lot going on, keeping it minimal with the decorations really help with the openness. I also love the little features of nature found in my room. I feel the wicker really helps lighten the tones of my space while the wood gives an organic feel that I want to go for, especially going along with my plant rug that kind of ties everything together.

Now my favorite part of my room is my picture wall. I really wanted pictures that are important or meant something to me so whenever I looked at my wall, I could see all the important people in my life or quotes that inspire me. Also, I LOVE art, so of course I had to print some pieces to complete the mini gallery (definitely adding more to it).

 Now, a way to add accents or "dress up" a room is through pillows. I cherish my pillows because they just represent me so perfectly (my favorite being the boob pillow). I also like to add mirrors to "chic up," a space. It might be in my head, but mirrors make small spaces seem a bit more modern and open.

 I use the lid that is used for my laundry basket for a little "table" for when I want to sit a cup or food on the bed! But for this post, I'm using it to show you guys some of the most cherished items in my room!

◘ Amethyst Crystal
◘ A wood piece I found on the ground that holds my rings and rose earrings
◘ Autumn scent mist- Cedar Pumpkin
◘ Prayer Journal

I hope you enjoyed my little college dorm tour. I love my room and am definitely planning on adding more items to make it more homey. Hopefully this post gave you ideas and some inspiration for you to redecorate your dorm!