Gil Rodriguez: Timeless Basics

By: Salma Ahmed

Since we last gushed over her personal style and instagram feed in May, Eliana Gil Rodriguez has been up to quite a lot. The former American Apparel designer launched her own line of basics within the last few months of summer 2018.

Rodriguez is the representation of the main consumer of such clothing items, and therefore knows what women expect from their basics and has been successfully providing them with it.

Photo Courtesy ©Gil Rodriguez

The designer tampered with modeling and acting during her time away from designing after she left American Apparel, but ultimately went back to designing and started her own label "Gil Rodriguez."
The newly launched brand is focused on fashion must-haves. Rodriguez aims to provide costumers with ethical and long-lasting basics.

The first drop was focused on the most essential of basics: leggings, bodysuits, shorts and tank tops. It even featured leotards and a single, brand-defining swimsuit, many of which came in a variation of earth tones.

Stripped away from the distracting embellishments and unnecessary details, each of the pieces is made to be timeless.

Photo Courtesy ©Gil Rodriguez

The items up for grabs combine the endurance of high end pieces and the comfort of thrifted items.

The brand is much more than their classic clothing items up for sale, however, as their website and Instagram feed offer a brief escape from reality. The pictures and overall aesthetic of the brand are very nostalgic yet refreshing.

Photo Courtesy ©Gil Rodriguez

Taking immense pride in the moral guidelines of the brand, the designer has even taken it upon herself to introduce some of the talented hands behind the final products on the brand's website.

Brands like Gil Rodriguez are the first step towards ending fast fashion, which is destroying our environment and feeding the capitalistic system we have fallen victims to. After investing in pieces that are guaranteed to live season after season, you will find yourself slowly steering away from the endless cycle that comes with purchasing from fast fashion stores and running after the latest trend set by Instagram models.

Items courtesy of Gil Rodriguez are worth investing in. Try them out, you can never have too many basics anyway!