Instagram Account Larslala Softens Fashion's Exterior by Pointing Out Footwear Fails

It's old news that social media has completely revamped the fashion industry. Influencers not only lead trends but the fashion market as a whole. Bloggers have made such big waves in the industry that in 2016, Vogues creative digital director said they were "heralding the death of style." 

While these trend-starting girls and guys inspire every day fashion lovers and cause industry insiders frustration, there is a new kind of profile making a name for itself in the digital fashion sphere. 
Fashion meme and gossip Instagram accounts have become an entertaining mutation of more serious fashion blogs. From @DietPrada to @Hautelamode, these accounts rack up thousands of likes per post, but one of the most unique is @Larslala.

Larslala's bio on Instagram reads, "Do you have a foot fetish?" and soon after discovering the account, you may be questioning whether or not you actually do. Each of the posts features a photograph of high heeled shoes from runways worn by crunched feet with blisters and every once in a while, wildly painted toenail. Most importantly, many of the shoes are recognizable from some of fashion's most well known houses.

With hilarious captions like, "When you're still foggy af from the weekend, but it's almost the weekend again... tgit" accompanying a plastic bootie that's steamed up from the model's foot sweat, he puts an entertaining spin on the fashion industries often strange choice of shoes they approve for release.

Many fashion meme accounts do things like edit the Queen of England's face onto bodies wearing trendy jumpsuits, and some even exaggerate oversized streetwear to extreme proportions. Larslala, however,  doesn't actually create memes or change anything about the subjects of his posts which makes them all the more shocking. Taken from archives of shoe shots from places like Vogue, close-ups of bunion filled bottoms become comparisons for everyday life.

The Larslala account points out some of the mistakes made within the industry through an unfiltered lens. Fashion, while a creative field, can sometimes seem cold and clinical and this account pokes fun at that with each post. As one of the captions reads, "Don't be a square," reminding us with every sky-high heel that nothing is to be taken too seriously.