10 Podcasts You Must Listen to this Winter

By: Meg Leilani

As the long winter break creeps upon us, the hassle of long nights filled with homework, studying, and jamming in as much fun things as possible comes to an end. This break could be great at first, but eventually it might start to feel dragged out and repetitive without having a single responsibility from school. 

While enjoying your break, fill your time with a variety of podcasts that can teach, inspire and make you laugh. There are quite a variety of podcasts that are out on many platforms (Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) and are an easily accessible source for entertainment. Here are my top 10 podcasts for this winter break that you should give a listen to!

#10: The Sleeping at Last Podcast

The Sleeping at Last Podcast is hosted by musician and artist, Ryan O'Neal, of Sleeping at Last. Ryan shares his process behind making his music, what inspires his musical process, features on the songs and why he made them the way he did. There are also debuts of new music Ryan shares on this podcast as well.

#9: If I Were You

If I Were You Podcast is hosted by American Comedians, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, known for their time with CollegeHumor. This is an advice podcast where Jake & Amir read off emails from people who are seeking advice in sticky situations. They cover topics they are qualified to talk about as well as things they're not.

#8: Office Hours with College Fashionista

Office Hours with College Fashionista, hosted by Amy Levin Klein, is an inside scoop on the inspiring beauty and fashion industries. Learn about the processes of different people's experiences, career paths, and lessons learned along the way.

#7: Insecuritea

Insecurities, hosted by Crissle and Hey Fran Hey, is an after show podcast about the hit HBO show, Insecure. Discussing their thoughts on the episode, characters and season as a whole. Creating a sort of comedic take on an after show.

#6: You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This, hosted by Karina Longworth, is a podcast based around the stories and hidden truths of Hollywood's greatest starlets and celebrities. She takes you down the paths of many highly respected and/or highly disliked Hollywood celebrities during the early 1900's.

#5: Pod Save America

Pod Save America, hosted by Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor, is a podcast all about the current politics in America. Discussing elections, scandals, Democrats and Republicans, current state of the White House and interviews with politicians, journalists, comedians, scientists, etc.

#4: Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion Podcast, hosted by Lisa Rowan (writer) and Kaarin Vembar (fashion stylist), discusses everything fashion, business, pop culture, and creativity. Giving inside scoop and tips on the industry and how fashion is evolving with the times.

#3: Art History Babes

Art History Babes Podcast, hosted by Corrie, Nat, Ginny, and Jen, (recent grad students) discusses everything having to do with art of all time periods. This group makes learning art history fun by having open discussions and drinking a couple glasses of wine while they do it.

#2: Fashion Hags

Fashion Hags Podcast, hosted by Abby, Evan, and Katie, discusses the many realms of the fast paced and fast changing fashion industry. All 3 met at Fashion Design School in Vancouver, B.C. and talk about collections, controversies, pop culture and personal adventures.

#1: Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion Podcast, hosted by Imran Amed (CEO and Founder) discusses the ever-changing fashion industry and things to know about the business. Having many different people on for interviews about the industry and ones outside of fashion, BOF is known as the most resourceful site for fashion news.

This winter break, fill your days with podcasts that can keep you occupied as well as informed on new information. Happy Holidays from Madame Blue Crew!