5 Vintage Winter Trends Spotted in London

By: Iman

Having spent my fall break in London on vacation, I have of course made the most of the opportunity to do some trend hunting. The British capital is a crossroads of cultures. From punk to preppy and urban, the amount of styles that are represented is almost infinite. But there's a specific consensus I've been noticing: fashion seems to be going retro this season.

It's no news that the 90's street style has been having everyone obsessed for the past two years. And it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. But it seems like we'll be going even further back in time this season: back to the 70's and the 80's. Here are five trends I've been spotting in London, both in the stores and in the streets.

1. Corduroy

Photos: Pinterest / Refinery29

On the topic of old-fashioned fashions, corduroy could also not be that old-fashioned anymore. A simple corduroy jacket with a fur collar is deliciously vintage and quite safe. An oversized corduroy blazer that looks like you stole it from your grandpa's attic is the classier option. If you're feeling brave, pair it with matched flare pants. Sometimes the more unfashionable it is, the more fashionable it can potentially be.

2. Bell bottoms

Photos: Pinterest

To be fair, flared pants have been trying to make their way into the trends for a while now. For the most part, we've only allowed them to do so in the shape of culottes. However, it seems like the actual boot cut shape might succeed. Yes, the ones that taper to the leg and flare out below the knee. The ones that we've deemed too socially embarrassing for years (note: no one at Madame Blue can be held responsible for the killing of your social life if you do choose to follow these trends).

3. Rust tones

Photos: Pinterest

Rust is one of the most emblematic colors of autumn. Therefore, it makes sense that almost every store I entered in London had an aisle full of just rust-colored items. The color is flattering and easy to wear without stepping out of your comfort zone.

4. Animal prints

Photos: WhoWoreWhat / Nanushka / Pinterest

Cheetah and leopard prints never really go out of style. They have the power to look luxurious, keep it classy and go wild at the same time. This time however, it's two more underrated animal prints that I've been seeing a lot in the fall/winter collections: tiger and the zebra prints. A simple shirt, with any of these patterns, will always make a statement and has infinite vintage potential!

5. Midi skirts

Photos: styleholic.com

This is a trend that I've noted directly off the streets. Sometimes chic, sometimes boho, sometimes even punk, the midi skirt has been appropriated by women of almost every class in London. Though this is not an easy piece to wear (worn badly, it can make you age more than necessary), its versatility allows creativity in many different styles.