5 Ways to be Productive in the Morning

We all get lazy at some point and sometimes we get into a rut that we just can't shake off. Constantly slacking off, not doing the work you were supposed to do, and not crossing anything off of your to-do list are just examples of the way we as human beings react to being tired. There are many reasons why we feel lazy and lose all motivation but these tips can help you shake off laziness and replace it with productivity. The first thing that I'm here to mention is that productiveness should start as soon as you wake up.

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1. Avoid social media when you first wake up

When we wake up, our first instinct as millennials is to check Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Don't do it. Instead, get out of bed and open your blinds, make your bed, and head to make yourself some breakfast. When we get on our phones we have a habit of staying on for way too long. Simply scrolling through Twitter can turn into a 30-minute scroll down someone else's profile. It is always better to have more time to get ready in the morning, so this will definitely give you time to enjoy your morning without having to rush because you accidentally got too invested in your phone.

2. Make Breakfast at home

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Making breakfast at home is so much better than breakfast through a drive-thru. When you make your breakfast, you have control of what goes into your meal, which is a key to healthy eating. There are so many yummy and quick healthy breakfast ideas such as acai bowls, parfaits or protein pancakes that can give you a boost in the mornings. Some meals don't have to be cooked, just assembled, and can be taken on the go, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

3. Have a morning skincare regimen

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Everyone loves refreshed and hydrated skin, so why not start your day feeling your best? By doing your skincare routine in the morning, not only will your skin stay supple and vibrant throughout the day, it will also help your skin out in the long haul. For the girls and guys out there that love makeup, skincare is essential because the way your base makeup looks depends on your skin. Taking care of your skin first thing in the morning will allow your face to be refreshed, vibrant, hydrated, and make your makeup look flawless.

4. Make time to make yourself feel good

When you feel confident about yourself you seem confident to other people. Your energy radiates. Making yourself feel confident is entirely up to you as well. If doing your hair, your makeup, picking out a cute outfit, wearing a nice perfume, or any other beauty related thing makes you feel good then go for it! Don't limit yourself or listen to what others say. Starting off the day feeling good will leave that impression on your mind throughout the whole day.

5. Work out

Illustrations: Kath Nash
Any type of physical movement is a workout. You don't have to go to Soul Cycle or Zumba to feel like you got a good workout in, even though you totally can if you want. Walking around the block, doing a few exercises or stretches, squatting while you do your skincare, or going to your gym are all workouts. As long as you are moving and getting your blood pumping, it is a workout and you should feel proud! Starting the day off with a workout makes you feel more productive and makes you feel better about yourself. Knowing that you won't have to go workout after a long day of classes or work is a plus, but also knowing that you are doing something beneficial for your body and your health feels even better.

These five tips could be done at anytime of the day, but doing them in the morning wakes you up, makes you feel productive, and leaves so much extra time for the other things that need attention in your life. If you have siblings or a roommate, ask them to join you in these activities that way you guys can both help each other out! 

Feel free to mix up the pattern in which you follow these five tips, or mix up a step each day. Do a different work out everyday, different makeup look, a different workout, or try out new skincare products. Make it fun and you will see just how much you love productivity in the morning!