Cultivating Your New Year Resolutions

New Year's creates feelings of the excitement to be able to have a fresh start. It is a time where you can reinvent yourself and push out goals you want to be exceeded in the New Year. But sometimes our goals are not realistic which leads to disappointment and the same cycle every year of not tackling your desires and wishes. This New Year, I am challenging you to cultivate a reasonable list (emphasis on reasonable), things that you really want to do. Below I made a list that will help spur your mind for things you want to start in the New Year.


Source: Tumblr & Pinterest

✎ Youtube
Use this as your sign to finally start that Youtube channel you have always wanted to start. If not now, then when? If you haven't started because you are worried about what others think, leave that in 2018. This is a new year and it's time to start doing what you love without worrying.

✎ Blog
This coincides with starting Youtube channel. You have to just do it without cares, only care about your passion and what you want.

✎ Paint
If you always loved to paint but never made time, this is your year to start making time again and get your art out there. Start posting your work on social media or even try selling it on Etsy.

✎ Writing
Have lots of story ideas and don't know where to start? Then Wattpad is your best friend. Wattpad is an app where you can write stories chapter by chapter without being a publisher. People can read and comment on your story, and if it gets enough traffic it can turn into a real published book! Make 2019 a goal where you try to get a book published or even start the process of writing.


Source: Tumblr

° Yoga
Now is the time to buckle down and start doing yoga. The way I got into the habit is watching Yoga with Adriene on Youtube every morning. She has a way of making Yoga so interesting and excited to wake up the next day to do it again! If you are a beginner I recommend following her 30 day Yoga challenge.

° Eating 
I know on almost everyone's New Year Resolution list eating healthy is on it and it should be because eating healthy not only makes you look good on the outside, but it makes you feel good on the inside. This upcoming year, just do it. Make a list of all the healthy foods you love and buy them. Start researching before so you can go into the New Year already mentally prepared instead of just diving in headfirst. This does not mean restrict how many times you eat, eat when you're hungry but just make sure it is food that provides benefits for your body. 


Source: Tumblr

Self Care
I think we all can add self-care to our resolutions list. You should try to set out at least one day out of the week to fully de-stress and take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Be More Ethical
It's time to start being more aware and taking care of the world we are living in. Whether that is thrifting clothes, lessen the amount you shop fast fashion and eliminating wasteful tactics that are involved in your everyday lifestyles.

☼  Organize
What is a better way to tie up the New Year by organizing EVERYTHING?  Start with your working space because that is where all the real magic happens. Organize every little thing, it will help clear your mental space and prepare you to conquer all your resolutions. 

Pick a spot that you have always wanted to go to and start saving, or even book the ticket right now! Traveling is so important for personal growth and experiences. Learn about other cultures and meet people you would never think you could be friends with.

2019 is going to be the year growth and achievements. Every year I live by one word that will help me focus on my end goal. This year my word will be "girl boss." What will be yours? Write it everywhere so you can remember. Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive New Year!