Donatella Revisits Classics in Versace's Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

Donatella Versace had the entire world in awe with her Pre-Fall 19 collection. The designer took Versace's spring 1994 collection as her inspiration when thinking of the direction she wanted to take her latest collection in. 

Debuted on the late Gianni's birthday, December 2, the collection paid homage to some of his most recognizable pieces. One of the most iconic being the plunge-neck dress, famously worn by Jennifer Lopez for the 43rd Grammys.

For her concluding look, Donatella kept the same sheer silhouette of the dress but gave it a new life by creating it in a more colorful print instead of the monotone green. True to the original design, she included an eye-catching pin to bring the neckline to an end, hers was heart shaped and in varying colors to match the dress's vibe.  


The designer also recreated the brand-defining safety pins dress. The modern version of the dress was slightly altered to fit the modern times, despite the original being a classic. The silhouette was completely changed but the high slit was still there. The revamped version can't actually be called a safety pins dress, as the pins are much smaller and can be mistaken for buttons at first glance. The original version of the dress was bolder and more out there than its remake. 

Other than the obvious recreations of Gianni's pieces, the designer did embody the entire vibe of the '94 collection. The collection flowed smoothly from dark looks to bright vibrant 80's inspired looks, just like its inspiration, yet this did not restrict her designs. She included many original pieces that added to the collection as a whole.

Throughout the collection, Donatella has managed to make all-black looks cool again. The little touches of gold peeking through the black looks elevated them and made them look a lot more expensive. 


Many of the looks were complimented by natural glowy makeup and sleek back hair. As for the vibrant looks, some were paired with large, large hair to keep up with the 80's vibe. 
Accessories were incorporated occasionally, mostly in the form of gold jewelry, consistent with the brands aesthetic. Some looks were paired with purses as the accessory of choice, which took the attention away from the outfits. 

There was no better way to celebrate what could have been Gianni's 72nd birthday than to revive one of his most iconic collections. Do you think Donatella did his designs justice or should have they been left untouched?