Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration

By: Meg Leilani

During the Holiday season, dressing up and trying to impress family you haven't seen all year is the common struggle for many. Holiday parties for work, family, friends, etc. always seem to be back to back and the ideas for what to wear get slimmer and slimmer. 

This Holiday season, keep your looks fresh and different for each party you plan to attend from Christmas to New Years Eve. Here is some fun inspiration for outfit ideas...

#1: Holiday Cocktails
The holidays scream cocktail dresses, high heels and red lips. Spice up your looks with a clean cut heel or boot, fun clutch purse and a lipstick to pull the entirety of the look together. These cocktail dresses are a fun flare on the original clean and minimal look by incorporating the laced lining on the top half of the dresses. 

#2: Santa Baby 
Holiday's, especially Christmas, are all about reds and greens. This holiday keep your reds funky and stylish by pairing a patent red leather high waisted pant with a black, cropped feathered top or a Ferrari red satin jumpsuit with a nude pump. It could be difficult to style a red because of how much the color stands out, so keep the other aspects of the outfit on the neutral end to balance it out.

#3: Metallic Ornament
Metallics have always been a personal favorite for the holiday season. Whether that be for Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years, it gives a sort of winter festive feel that I really enjoy. Pairing either metallic skirts or metallic blouses, it is important to keep the color story pretty basic because of how eye-catching they are. You never want the pieces to clash and when styled right, they are the perfect holiday staple. 

The holidays can be stressful and thinking about the different outfits you will need, adds to the already high stress levels of December. Having different inspirations and ideas for this season could only help you step out of your comfort zone, as well as make these times a little bit easier on you.

Happy Holidays and happy New Year from Madame Blue!