How to Wear Black for the Holidays

By: Valeria Ramos

Whether you're a New Yorker at heart and have a closet full of black attire, or if you're just feeling a bit rebellious this holiday season, going for an all black look this Christmas can be a fun way to change things up and stand out in a crowd of red, green and white.

There are several ways you can make an all black outfit look chic and festive and not look like the Scrooge of your family. Jumpsuits are a perfect way to take black and make it look elegant and formal. Adding a pop of color with your shoes and lips would be my favorite way to style this look, but keeping it monochrome a la Rose Huntington-Whiteley is a great way to go bold. 

For something more cozy and simple, a black sweater dress is the ultimate way to combine glamour and comfort for your holiday party plans. A pair of nude thigh high boots would compliment this outfit nicely, but the best thing about sweater dresses is that they go with anything, so the styling options are endless!


Finally, a black cocktail dress with a hint of color makes for an elegant, yet fun outfit perfect for getting in the holiday spirit. If your little black dress is too simple, go a little bolder with a leather skirt and knit sweater. 

No matter what you wear for the holidays, keep in mind that the season is meant for spending time with those you love and giving thanks. Merry Christmas from the Madame Blue Crew!