Self-Preservation Against Negativity

Photo: PeakPx

Everyone has dreams or goals, whether they're private or shared on social media, which we tailor our lives around so that we can check off these accomplishments and then, of course, set new ones. In addition to formulating plans and doing specific things to get closer to the finish line, there are also negative thoughts that lurk even amongst the most disciplined and positive people. There are points that are most often triggered by an event or a string of mishaps, that lead to a defeatist state of thinking and it can become depressing if there isn't enough energy to pull out of it. 

Success is a specific achievement or a variety of achievements determined by each individual's concept of value; to many, money is valuable or marriage, a certain career position, maybe even health. Consequently, diligence towards these hoops we make ourselves jump through, which can often be set on fire, cause slight chaos to our mentality but we keep continuing because we're passionate or we don't know what else to do. Either way, as we may have bursts of resilience, there are also bits of negativity that can result in days that look like laziness but are really pondering or attempting to ignore our assumed imminent failure. 

I suppose that's where the facemasks and glasses of wine come in at attempt of self-care and although relaxing, it's not exactly digging to the root of the problem. It often feels unfair to not only face the stresses of exams, for example, or earning enough to pay rent, but the negativity isn't such a pleasant cherry on top of it all. It's not to say that blessings aren't being counted daily or being proactive has taken a back seat but there are times where you wonder, "can I pull this off? (especially since I've gone and told my friends and family my ambitions!)"

Simply put but difficult to incorporate, learning to breathe and accepting that your best efforts are enough is helpful. Marrying the negative thoughts with the positive in realizing that sometimes the nasty whispers saying "your writing is shit" can be translated into "practice and read more to improve." Installing a filter within your mind that allows you to be self-aware so that you can essentially process emotions and situations as a third party without clouded judgment towards yourself can help.

Support systems are crucial but it's important to learn to be on your own in order to stay afloat.  Consuming false thoughts while carrying out tasks in regards to success is an accomplishment in itself and takes time to figure out. By making positive changes, energy won't be depleted and days won't be wasted in a distorted perception. Completing the ambitious odyssey of personal success will be that much more rewarding because self-preservation against doubt is vital to a healthy life.