5 African Jewelry Brands You Need to Know

By: Ose Ogbebor

The African jewelry industry is thriving in stores, within the local and international design community. Many talented jewelry designers are producing unique and contemporary designs that are guaranteed to make their wearer feel chic. Getting your hands on one of their pieces has never been easier. Here are just a few of the African jewelry brands you should know!

Ochá Jewelry

Lagos-based brand, Ochá jewelry, is all about minimalist handcrafted pieces with beautiful stones and elegant lines and curves. The creative director, Mobolaji Sadare, started out making jewellery for herself and decided to go into business when she got great reviews about her designs. Her pieces are mostly made from brass, 14-karat gold filled and copper alloys and of course dainty stones like agate and howlite. She hopes to be able to source at least 90% of the materials locally some day. Find out more about Ochá jewelry here.


Egudzi is an Accra based indigenous handmade accessory brand that creates sophisticated designs influenced greatly by its African heritage. It's creative director and founder, Ewurama Ricketts, is passionate about making statement jewelry for people desiring to experience elegance. Egudzi, which means treasures or precious jewelry in Fante (an Akan dialect spoken by people of Ghana's central region), uses various quality materials sourced locally from Ghana and it's neighboring countries such as beads, corals, ox bone, agate, citrine and much more. Find out more about their chunky, colorful and elegant statement pieces here.


Raya is a Lagos based jewelry brand established in 2014. It is an affordable luxury brand that aims to provide unique, high quality designs that are bright, bold and fun. One of a kind pieces are created in limited quantities to ensure the exclusivity of each design. The brand's recognizable aesthetic is perfect for people who love beautiful, colorful jewelry that adds a playful edge to each look. Each stone used is unique, many of which are chemically dyed to give the pieces such vibrant colors, so even a pair of earrings from Raya will never perfectly match. Pearls, turquoise, chalcedony and more are employed in creating their elegant designs. Find out more about Raya jewelry here


Ariába is a contemporary accessory and lifestyle brand established in 2010, offering exquisite jewelry, leather accessories, scented candles, fragrances and much more. It combines traditional aesthetic with contemporary designs through the exploration of new materials and techniques. The creative director and owner, Linda Sodiende, started designing when she moved back to Nigeria after attending University of Paris. She gets her inspiration from her global travels where she learns about different cultures, periods, places and traditions. Find out more about Ariába here


Valéra sources for and designs eccentric and whimsical pieces that leave their customers feeling confident and allows them express themselves. It was founded by Lola Oseni who wants to create fashion accessories that are unique, stylish and affordable. She learnt how to make jewelry from her grandmother and uses brass, silver sterling and coated precious metals to produce her designs. She recently ventured into using wood as a material for her pieces. Valéra's jewelry is fashionably quirky and can be gotten here.