3 Apps That Will Make You More Productive

By: Valeria Ramos

Graphic Design by Michelle Presutti

If there's one thing I know as a college student, it's that everyone has a million things going on, at all times. Project deadlines, upcoming exams, work assignments and personal responsibilities are just a few of the endless things we have to be on top of.

Managing school, work and/or whatever else you have going on while keeping your mental health in check isn't always the easiest task, but you could be one trip away to the app store from finding a way to help you check off all the boxes on your daily to-do lists.

1. Wunderlist 

A better version of Google Calendars, this app syncs with your phone's calendar, your laptop and any other devices. Wunderlist is perfect for managing your calendar and creating organized lists that are shareable. This app will also send you reminders to help you stay on top of tasks and archive when you accomplished them.

2. G-Suite

Free access to Google Docs (Word), Sheets (Excel) and Slides (PowerPoint) come in handy long after graduation, which is why G-Suite is pretty much an essential. G-Suite allows you to access Google Drive on any device, keeping files and documents organized in shareable folders.

3. Spotify 

Studies show that listening to music can increase productivity, and if you've listened to any of Spotify's study playlists, you'll know that is correct. I personally find that having soft, instrumental music playing in the background while I'm studying can help me concentrate and read with better focus.

Whatever tools you use to stay organized and get things done, apps can be a great helping hand during busy times. Let us know in the comments what apps you recommend for being productive!