How to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Semester

Fall semester has ended, the holidays have passed and we're finally in a new year. While college students have made the most of their winter break, the spring semester is unavoidable. In order to prep for the semester ahead, here's a few ways you can utilize your time wisely at school.

1. Catch up on some reading

During a semester, it's hard to buckle down and read a book for fun. Textbooks and course readings take up majority of the time that could be spent reading material we would actually enjoy. Consider setting aside time to read that one book you can't get to during school, even if it is only a couple of pages a night. If you need suggestions on what to read, check out some reading lists online. I would recommend this one from Vogue or joining Marie Claire's newly launched book club #ReadWithMC.


2. Work on a skill

Is there something you would like to master but just aren't naturally good at doing? Try building on it during time off when you have more leisure. If you want to improve your writing skills, practice writing. If you'd like to improve your photography skills, get a friend to model for you or go out and experiment. Exploring and improving a skill can be a great way to distract yourself from the stresses of a new semester.


3. Apply for summer internships or study abroad programs

It's always important to plan ahead. During time off, explore summer internship and study abroad programs that your university may offer. Take this time to read about what is available, and figure out which options you think would benefit you in the future. A new semester equals new opportunities, and pursuing an internship or study abroad will allow you to network, make useful connections and create unforgettable experiences!

4. Go on a trip

Schedule some time away from school, even if it's just visiting a town 45 minutes away or jet-setting to the countryside of France. Staying at home can be a bit of a drag. Taking a weekend getaway when you can may inspire you and give you refreshing outlook on things. Gather a friend or two and start making plans! Check out some reasonably priced winter getaways here.

5. Indulge in lots of self-care

Do a facial mask. Bathe with lots of bubbles. Spray on your favorite perfume. Binge watch romantic comedies or your favorite crime show. Indulge in whatever you consider to be self-care, and don't feel bad about it. You deserve it! And when it comes to tackling the new semester, you'll be ready as ever.

Credit: Instagram: @brittanyviklund

Time is of the essence! Use it to your advantage. Hopefully these were helpful activities to consider, and will allow you to enjoy the semester ahead and do your best!