Leandra Medine: An Unapologetic Style Icon

Her name may sound unfamiliar but her face and her brand are stamped in any fashion follower's brain.

Leandra Medine is the great mind behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Man Repeller. Medine, founder of the blog, has built her brand with her beyond unique sense of style and the collaboration of some of the most interesting ladies who now make up Man Repeller.
Photo Courtesy @LeandraMCohen on Instagram
Some of the articles featured reflect serious thoughts and issues of the contributing ladies and some are very sarcastic that they result in heartfelt laughter, but whatever gets published is always authentic and real.

With her blog, Medine has built herself an empire of loyal followers and fans of her always evolving style. One of the biggest secrets behind her immense success is her unmatchable style. The fashion icon has thrown all fashion rules out the window and abandoned all that might restrict her freedom with her process of getting dressed.

Photo Courtesy @LeandraMCohen on Instagram 
This woman isn't afraid of clashing patterns, outdated trends or unflattering silhouettes. Her main concern when it comes to getting dressed is feeling good in whatever she ends up wearing. Her style can't fall into any of the categories people usually imprison their sense of fashion in.

Photo Courtesy @LeandraMCohen on Instagram 
She isn't in need for a special occasion to dress and feel her best. She makes it her mission to always be in a feel good outfit, something we should all aspire towards! Medine's carelessness about what is expected of her makes her an inspiration to us all. Her style may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is hers and only hers, which is all that matters. As she walks down the streets, it is a hundred percent guaranteed that she will not find someone twinning with her.

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