Waterproof Mascara Optional: Beauty Tips and Trends for Valentine's Day

By: Wilmarielle Cambrelen Ah, Valentine’s Day. The velvet-wrapped boxes of chocolate, stuffed bears just screaming for you to “Be Mine!” and the cringe-worthy marketing as companies try to oversell Sweetheart candies, Hallmark cards and faux flowers. However, there’s no better way to show your sweetheart you care (or your ex you don’t), then by putting in some effort to look your absolute best this Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you’re going on a cute date, participating in some anti-Valentines’ day antics (pass the bottle, ladies), or just celebrating friendship with your besties, these latest makeup trends will have you (and others!) falling in love (waterproof mascara optional).
Glossy Lids
Photo Courtesy: @katiejanehughes

With its sudden conquest on aspiring Instagram makeup artists’ feeds, eye gloss has been a recurring trend, maximizing the popularity of dewy, glowing skin. But fear not, eye gloss does not have to be messy or sticky. On your bare lid (or blending just one color of eye shadow on your eyelid beforehand), tap the gloss in the middle, above the iris for maximum gleam to the eyes, and gently dab outwards with your fingertip to avoid over application. There’s just something about a shiny clear eye gloss, such as the NYX Lid Lacquer, that keeps one looking fresh and healthy, but sultry in the most-low effort way, especially in these trying overly-contoured and filtered times.
Just Kissed Lips
Photo Courtesy: @mirrortwin

If you ever wanted to look like you were just passionately kissed in the rain, a stark matte liquid lip is not the way to go. Fortunately, there are other options to looking like someone just couldn’t keep 
their hands off you. A blurred lip is the best way to do this. Apply any cream lipstick (a brick red or warm berry color would be a modern way to update the age-old red lip) and blot the center of your lips to remove any excess product and reveal a stained, “bitten” look. Blend the edges of your lip with an eye shadow brush and lightly dust translucent powder over the lipstick for longevity. Flesh Beauty’s Swipe Flesh Lip Color gives your lips that natural, blotted look effortlessly in a wide range of colors, but truly, any cream lipstick could be used to make everyone jealous of your latest romantic rendezvous.
Rosy Cheeks
Photo Courtesy: @rohinielyse
A brisk, chilly evening out on the town tends to call for wind-swept hair and the flush of the cheeks. Put your jackets and scarves away, you do not have to bear the freezing temperatures of winter to recreate this look. A cream blush is all you need, particularly Glossier Cloudpaint in shade Puff, a bright bubblegum pink that sheers out for a healthy, lit-from-within glow on the cheeks.  Make sure to dab a bit of blush on your nose since that’s where rosiness naturally appears when actually blushing.

If Makeup Just Isn’t Your Thing
For some men, ladies and nonbinary folks alike, makeup just isn’t their forte and that’s okay! You can still look and feel special on Valentine’s Day. A spritz of that special-occasion-only perfume or cologne can leave admirers wafting after your fragrance. You can never go wrong with a cute, but casual outfit. A fun hair accessory, such as a velvet scrunchie or bow can dress up your style.  Pampering your body before the night’s event (or before staying in to cuddle) will easily get you in the mood, especially with some bath bombs, bath oils or just a scented body wash. Skincare, such as moisturizer or beard oil will soften and prep your cheeks for kisses, as well as lip balm. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm in Mint Cucumber is a fan favorite. Likewise, remember to brush your hair (and beards)!