Breaking the Stigma Behind New Year's Resolutions

When it comes to the New Year, everybody gets excited to start fresh and embark on goals and personal wishes for the coming year. Most resolutions, though not all, are related to health and fitness. Everybody starts out super motivated and positive that they will stick to their resolutions.

As the month of January passes on, however, you might miss a day of your goal, which turns to two, and before you know it, you are completely off track and feeling super guilty. After falling off track, most people begin to say that they will try again next year and completely abandon their new years resolution. I'M HERE TO TELL YOU -  DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. 

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Why do we only have the beginning of the New Year to embark on a new resolution? Why do we give up on our goals if we don't see quick results or if we slip up? You are the only person who is giving up, and you are the only person in control of your life.

If you slip up, start over. It's okay to fail, as long as you get back up again. Everybody has rough days, weeks, or months. There shouldn't be an expectation that you have to be okay and be productive every single day of the year. No one is in control except for you. 

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If you miss a gym day, go an extra thirty minutes the next day! If you skip a class because you over slept just make sure to study more the next day! You can always make up for what you've lost. Forming a habit is hard. You can't just jump into something and expect to fall in love with it and stick to it everyday, there are going to be slip-ups. Don't compare yourself to others either, because they probably have slip-ups too but they just don't show it.

Everybody is human, and no one is perfect. Don't limit yourself to bettering yourself or your life to the month of January only. You have 365 days in a year, so make them all count! It's not about how many times you fall behind on your resolution and your goals; it's about how many times you get back up and how much you fight for it.
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