Get Cozy with KoKoKourtney

By: Megdalyn Leilani 

 With nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, blogger and youtube, Kourtney of kokokourtney knows a things or two about aesthetics. I talked to Kourtney all about her interests, staple pieces, gaining a huge audience and even gathered some of her best tips for finding your style. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? Etc.

My name is Kourtney. I’m a 25-year-old post-grad of Psychology who lives in the Midwest of the USA. I have my Master’s degree in Psychology/Mental Health Counseling — I want to be a Child Psychologist. My other interests are: art, photography, coffee shops, minimalism, writing, and anything cozy!

What made you curate your IG into a blog style? Did you ever think you’d have this many people following you?

I love photography and anything artistic — so I just combined my love for photography and art into one. I think of my photos are an artistic portrayal of my life. I never thought in a million years that so many people would be interested in my life or my photos. I feel incredibly blessed that so many people are.

What are your staple pieces for the winter season?

My staple pieces this winter are: my black thigh high boots, cranberry colored cardigan, Doc Marten boots, brown faux suede mini skirt, dark blue high waist jeans, oversized gray coat, and chunky cream colored turtleneck.

What are your favorite books and films? What will you be reading/watching this winter?

I’m very picky with books that I read and films that I watch — I only like certain genres. Currently, my favorite book and film is ‘The Girl on The Train.’ I read the book last year over Thanksgiving break and I literally couldn’t put the book down. I recently just watched the film, and it was just as flawless as the book. I was awestruck the entire time. This winter, I’ll be finishing up ‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman — I love thrillers, mystery, and horror. So, the spookiness of this book is perfect. My mom recently purchased ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘Hereditary’ on DVD, so I’ll be watching those this winter. It’s not a TV show, but I will be also watching “Sharp Objects’ — I was finally able to record the series and watch a few episodes, and I’m already hooked!

Who are your favorite bloggers and YouTubers at the moment?

I currently don’t have any favorite YouTubers, YET! But my favorite blogger is definitely Polly Florence. Her photos are the epitome of coziness and I’m always inspired by everything she posts.

How did you find your style? Do you have any tips on finding your own unique style?

I found my style around 2014/2015. I really fell into a minimalistic lifestyle — so, I downsized my closet and only bought clothes of a certain color palette/style. I was inspired by the style then, and they’ve stuck with me throughout the years. This really helped me form a closet that I really love with clothes that will last me forever (and maybe can pass down to my children). My main tip is to follow people on social media whose style inspires you, and find shops that sell similar clothes. But also, don’t be afraid to try new things out and always be yourself.


Do you have any tips for people who are interested in growing their audience, but don't know how to?

I have a few tips! Refine your style (figure out a certain theme/look that your photos will have), listen to your audience, take clear (and nicely angled) photos, interact with your audience, be consistent, and, of course, be kind.
I am so happy that Kourtney took the time to answer my questions and give such useful and thoughtful responses for each question. Make sure to follow Kourtney on Instagram and Youtube @kokokourtney and on Tumblr at all of her socials to keep up to date with all of her new content.