Meet SOBBRS: Pop Singer On The Rise

Pronounced sob-bers, as in to weep, is an up and coming pop artist in the Austin scene. Originally from Mexico, singer Jesus Acosta and his family relocated to South Texas, more specifically the Rio Grande Valley. Being born and raised there myself, I've developed such an appreciation for the heavy Mexican influence that saturates the area and have always craved to be apart of the culture. My way of respect is to amplify the self-made from the border by delving a bit into the opinions and thoughts based on music, in this case, in hopes to establish the deserved recognition for all latinx artists. 

Q: Being from Mexico and having lived in the states for a while, do you feel it has increased your ambitions to be as successful as you are due to false stigmas, especially in today's political climate?
A: Definitely. I've never let anything hold me back. I've had so many micro-aggressive comments directed at me like "Oh, so you sing with an accent?" and at first, I was very self-conscious about it, but it's apart of who I am and where I am from and I learned to embrace that. I have big dreams and I am a hard worker and I wouldn't let anyone's misconceptions of my country or prejudice from people, even from my homeland, keep me from pursuing something that I love doing. I love proving people wrong, but also proving myself wrong. I'm in it to win it and that's that.

Q: What is the most important thing you want your listeners to take away from your music?
A: I grew up in an environment that taught men that showing your emotions was a sign of weakness. My music is all about what I feel and I would love to one day have the platform to let other people in similar environments, as the one I grew up in, to know that its okay to be emotional and to express it. 

Q: What are the steps you took on the business side of things to book gigs and make connections?
A: I started managing other bands before I decided to focus on my own project, and it was a great learning experience. Attending shows and supporting your community is a good way to meet people and earn their respect and support. 

Q: What influenced you to focus on pop music over other genres? 
A: The definition of pop is always changing and I think that's one of the main factors that inspired me to pursue this genre over others. There are so many elements of pop that you can bend and twist. This genre allows you to have fun exploring new boundaries within it. There is a negative stigma attached to pop music and I think my goal, and many other pop musicians', is proving that pop doesn't have to be soulless and cookie-cutter. 

Q: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why?
A: I hate that it feels like a competition sometimes. I am really supportive of my peers and I want everyone to know that there's room for everyone and everyone can co-exist and support each other within the community. I think that creates a healthy environment that makes for a better experience. 

 Not only does SOBBRS resume include playing one of Maggie Rogers after shows, but he is also an accomplished art director, graphic designer, and photographer.  I'd definitely categorize him as a trailblazer to those who come from different cultures and fight to make a space for their art, whether it be in music, film, photography, writing etc. You can catch him performing at local Austin venues or listen to his debut album, hi-chroma, on Spotify.