5 YouTubers to Subscribe to Now

By: Yashua Edwards

Whether you're trying to learn how to fix a broken appliance at home or looking for a review on a beauty product you’ve been itching to try, these days, there’s a YouTube video for everything...and then some.

Amid all the noise, however, there are influencers who, to me, stand out from a very saturated business for different reasons. A few that come to mind are Alisha Marie, Laurdiy, Zoella and Miss Mikayla G, and Kathleen Lights. These are a few YouTubers I love who showcase their unique personalities and content. Find out what makes these influencers a group of people you should be watching and not just because of their millions of subscribers and followers!

Alisha Marie - @alisha

Photo Courtesy Alisha Marie

One of my favorite YouTube influencers, Alisha Marie is smart, funny and business savvy. She has her own line of merchandise with a variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts with her familiar quote, “Update Time,” printed on the front. Her videos are unique and entertaining, with weekly vlogs that feature trips to Target and main channel videos like “Sister Controls My Day,” and “Roommate Wars.”

Alisha Marie also hosts a podcast with fellow influencer and friend, Remi Cruz, called Pretty Basic. This podcast gives you in-depth heart to heart talks, laughs and advice from two amazing women. With three million subscribers on her vlog channel, eight million on her main channel and 3.8 million followers on Instagram, Alisha Marie is leading the pack in the world of YouTube influencers!

Lauren Riihimaki - @laurdiy
Lauren covers Kore magazine, Photo Courtesy @koreanasianmedia

Crafty, creative and bubbly, Riihimaki is an entertaining DIY queen. With quirky collaborations alongside fellow influencers such as The Try Guys and Josh Peck, there’s never a dull moment on her channel. Her adorable mini bull terrier, Moose, invades her videos in the best ways with his antics.

Not only does she make amazing videos and DIY’S but she has a ton of amazing merchandise! From hoodies and sweats and crafting kits and supplies to outfits for your best furry friend, this girl has dabbled in everything! With 4.9 million followers on Instagram and eight million subscribers on YouTube, Riihimaki is one to watch if you’re into cute, innovative crafts and fun!

Mikayla Greenwood - @missmikaylag

Photo Courtesy @missmikaylag

If you love organization and cleaning, this is the channel for you! Not only does Greenwood show subscribers how she keeps her life clean and organized, but she also has videos on healthy eating, morning and night routines as well as baking and cooking. You also don’t want to miss the cute antics of her two adorable cats, Noodle and Snicks! I love cleaning and having things in their place, so finding a person on YouTube who shares this enthusiasm is great! Greenwood has a beautiful aesthetic on her Instagram with 38.6K followers and 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. She may not be the biggest name in the YouTube community, but she is definitely up and coming!

Zoe Sugg - @zoesugg @zoella
Photos Courtesy @zoella, @colourpopcosmetics
I can’t express how much I love and adore Zoe Sugg. Not only does she have an amazing beauty brand, Zoella Beauty, but she has also written books! Her latest release, “Cordially Invited,” is filled with recipes and party ideas for every occasion and season. There is also her mini series titled, “Girl Online,” that tells the story of Penny Porter who is trying to juggle her life, school, boys and a successful blog all while struggling to conquer her issues with anxiety.

 In addition, Sugg also has a lifestyle brand that includes beanies, candles, stationary and decorative pillows. Her latest achievement is a brunch inspired collaboration with affordable beauty brand, Colourpop! Launched on February 27th, this cute and colorful line features an eye shadow palette, pressed powders, lip liners and other fun products! With 1.2 million and 10.1 million followers on her two Instagram accounts (one is her personal account and the other is dedicated to her work) and four million subscribers on her blog channel, More Zoella, in addition to her 11 million on her main channel, this young Brit is a force all her own!

Kathleen Fuentes - @kathleenlights

Photos Courtesy colourpop.com
Let me start off by saying, I’m not the biggest fan of makeup, but beauty guru Kathleen Fuentes constantly makes me rethink this. She has great skills with beauty products and always gives her honest opinions on products, even when it comes to brands she loves and has collaborated with like Colourpop. Fuentes gives her viewers lots of variety between drug store and high-end beauty products, and allows subscribers to get to know her in her always-entertaining “Kat Chats.”

Fuentes' collabs with Colourpop have been incredibly successful over the years. From her beautiful Dream St. eye shadow palette to her more recent creation of Zodiac themed loose pigments, there is no denying her creativity and passion for makeup. With 2.1 million followers on Instagram and four million subscribers on YouTube, this funny and talented beauty guru is a pleasure to watch!

The influencers I watch bring something different and unique to their channels in ways that appeals to me and many others. Each one touches on one or more of my interest and even opened me up to new ones I never thought I would have. From being entertained with The Try Guys or staying in the know on all the latest in beauty with Jeffree Star, I think there’s a YouTube influencer out there for each person, which is what makes this platform not only popular, but influential.