3 DIYs That Are Cheaper Than Therapy


A continuous trend on social media has been "self-care." From the latest advancement in skincare to something as obscure as shoving a jade egg up your vagina, this concept has morphed into something that brands market off of. However, I beg to differ that these fads are genuinely assisting in bettering our mental health and are more comparable to sticking a band-aid on an open wound. While navigating through personal issues that resulted in anxiety and depression, I adopted a few habits to relieve some tension in my mind in order to live more peacefully and less chaotically. 

The first being journaling. Some of us used to keep diaries when we were younger and looking back we realize how childish it was to write a list of the cutest boys or what friend shared whose secret. As a young adult though, I've reverted back to journaling but with a certain philosophy in mind. I just so happen to follow a more Stoic way because my dad bought me books on that specific ideology. In reading that, I discovered that writing out emotions, actions, thoughts, and reactions allowed me to analyze my behavior and become self-aware. Not only is it a cathartic exercise to drain your mind of so much traffic but you begin to observe yourself objectively so that you can spot patterns that need to be redirected. 

The second being social media. Referred to as toxic and even detrimental towards mental health, I believe this can be reversed with how we interact on these platforms. I'm more active on Instagram, an app that so easily displays what we don't have or what we're missing out on but that's because users chose for it to be that way. I've recently taken to owning personal conflicts through posts and captions. Clearly, it's a bit difficult to be so forthright with the trials and tribulations of life but the more I post honest content, the more I feel confident on Instagram because I'm being real and I know those who follow me appreciate that. We can actually use something like Instagram to hone in on who we are and curate a following of those that relate or enjoy being educated on a new perspective to establish a voice and create community. 

The third and final is having a hobby. This seems like a simple one to check off but hobbies can actually be a bit tricky. It has to be something you enjoy doing often and that diverts your attention as an effort of escapism. Many might say working out is their hobby, I can't grasp an understanding as to why, to each their own, but an understated revelation is that a creative outlet is an answer. Even though exercising and reading are both strong candidates when actually enjoyed and done often, I personally have experienced higher levels of happiness when creating something, whether it's an article, podcast or banana bread. 

This is obviously not a guaranteed plan as sometimes actual therapy is beneficial and necessary but healing ultimately starts with you. Being proactive, as hard as it is, is a vital step in growing and is important for everyone. Even if you feel DIY therapy doesn't apply to you, it does because we all have behaviors or actions/reactions to adjust in order to gain self-awareness and in that, a more peaceful state of mind to operate in. That is true self-care.