5 Things To Do Alone In A City

On any given weekend, a big city is buzzing with excitement, plan making, and anticipation. But you're not as excited as everyone else: you have no plans ahead, which might sound relaxing... until boredom kicks in. We've all been there: you call your friends, family, housemates, Instagram followers and even that one friend you haven't heard from since high school, but everybody seems to be wicked busy. Staying home for two whole days doesn't seem like an option. What else is there to do in a big (or small) city when you're alone?


1. Search for nice cafés and restaurants
Some cities hide gorgeous cafés and restaurants where you can go and spend an afternoon reading, getting work done or even watching your favorite series. Those are things you can do at home, but there's just something about doing them somewhere else, maybe accompanied by the smell of a chai latte, quiet and nonchalant conversations from strangers, soft music and a yummy item from the menu. You get to be productive while enjoying yourself!

2. Find events to go to
No matter what the event is: a concert or gig, a movie session, an art exhibition, a match... almost certainly every weekend (and even during the week) there's an event being held on where you live. Some of them can be really cheap or even free, so take some time to research your possibilities and consider what you feel like doing the most!

3. Give yourself a treat
Take yourself to a nail salon, a spa, a personalized gym class, a dancing session... or get a new style with a change or hair color! Do something for yourself that's entertaining, screams self-care and will make you feel much better and full of energy for the next days.


4. Take yourself on a city tour
Have you ever been on a free tour of your own city? It can be really fun! You might learn facts about where you live that you never knew, find spots you haven't visited before and get a new perspective of the places you see every day. You can also take pictures and post them on your feed!

5. Go on a date
It doesn't have to be a romantic date (if you don't want to), there are apps out there that work like matching sites for friends! It might sound weird at first, but it can be interesting to meet a group of people based on what you have in common! This can also be helpful if you've just moved and don't know anyone there yet.

Whatever you decide to do, what's important is that you enjoy it. Alone time can be so valuable and you might even miss having time to do things alone later on!