5 Ways To Refresh Your Apartment for Spring

Spring is back in full force, and the only thing that gets me more excited than early trips to the farmers market and the return of espadrilles is revamping the look of my apartment! I live for the change of seasons, there's nothing more refreshing than taking down the old décor and bringing in the new. Decorating for spring may sound like more of a commitment than you're willing to make, but with a few simple elements, your place will be looking brighter in no time. 

 Add Some Tulips

I honestly don't think anything screams spring more than a vase of tulips. The versatile flower looks good solo, in a bundle, and when paired with a variety of other flowers and greens. What you may not know about the tulip is that each color has a different meaning: red = love, purple = royalty, etc. In this way, you can brighten up your apartment both visually and symbolically. 

Snag A Pastel Throw 

Winter may be over, but that doesn't mean the end to cozy décor! To refresh your comfy living room setup, try a pastel throw. Perfect for settling in on the couch with a book, or a night spent outside by the fire, a pastel throw adds that pop of color you've been desperately in need of. 

Switch Up Your Scented Candles 

The look of your apartment is only half of the impression that it leaves. To give your place the ultimate spring update, ditch those cinnamon spice and evergreen candles, and trade them in for lavender, citrus, and maybe garden rose. Your apartment won't feel like spring until it smells like spring! 

Try Some Fruit for Color 

This is a great idea for a centerpiece for your coffee table! Instead of decorating with a simple houseplant, try a wide vase filled with greens and a fruit of your choice (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.). It's easy to be creative with these three elements and you'll not only add bright color to your space but give it a touch of nature as well. 

Pull Out A Multicolored Braided Rug 

We've brightened up the couch and the coffee table, what's next? The floor! Get yourself back in the warm weather mood by laying down a bright braided rug. It keeps your place looking homey and cozy, but also cheery and seasonal. If you're really feeling ambitious, you can make one of these rugs using your old t-shirts