Is Signature Style the Gateway to Laziness?

One of the very first posts I wrote for Madame Blue was about my fascination with Jeanne Damas, I even went as far as calling her a fashion icon. Over a year and a half later and I have unfollowed Damas from all social media platforms and have come to discover ladies whose style I appreciate more.
©British Vogue
Recently, I scrolled through Damas' Instagram feed wondering why I lost interest in her and as soon as her feed loaded I got my answer: her style is simply way too repetitive for my liking. The model has built a name for herself for being the personification of effortless French style but at what point does signature style become a getaway to laziness?

A signature style should be yours and yours alone, something that you look at and feel as if it represents you and your brand. Personal style is a thing that is accumulated with time and many failed trails of changing it up until you find that look that suits you best. What happens after you find it and after you become known for your signature style? Does that mean you should only stick to that aesthetic as the French beauty did?

 Having been on the search for my own personal style for as long as I became aware of fashion and its significance, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to never reach that level of having a personal style. There is a certain level of freedom that accompanies not having a signature style. And there is a certain level of fun in experimenting with different looks on a daily basis.

©British Vogue
More than I would like to admit, I have put beautiful garments back on the rack because they didn't fit with my personal style. I have missed out on trying out a number of fun trends because I refused to break free from the box I had restricted myself to.

Maybe an open relationship with our personal style is what we should aspire to have, a relationship where our signature style is present but isn't the only plate from which we eat.