Which Spring 2019 Collection Matches Your Style?

By: Yashua Edwards

Often, I find myself going through the latest designer collections and getting wide-eyed at the amazing depth of style that many fashion houses possess. I noticed that in picking out my favorite looks, I find myself resonating with one particular fashion house (usually Chanel).

Take our quiz and find out which fashion house's spring 2019 collection best suits your style!

1. What is your go-to accessory to bring your outfit together?
A. A statement necklace
B. A funky bag
C. Gold hoop earrings

2. Your go-to wearable colors center around 
A. A kaleidoscope of colors!
B. Edgy prints, for me!
C. All black everything

3. You love a good day at
A. The beach
B. An art show
C. A concert

4. Pick a shoe that vibes with you:
A. A low heeled sandal 
B. A buckled black bootie
C. A flat black sandal with tasteful feather detailing

5. You describe your style as
A. Cute, classic and modern
B. Edgy but fun and artsy
C. Minimalistic

6. For makeup
A. You love a bold lip
B. No makeup but a fresh face
C. A statement eye

7. What is your go-to way to wear your hair?
A. Beachy, windswept waves
B. Natural and carefree
C. Down, with a middle part

8. You live for 
A. A matching set
B. Mixing prints
C. A head to toe black outfit


If you get a mix: Girl! You’re a fashion chameleon! One of the most important things when it comes to fashion is having fun with your look and dressing the way you want no matter how funky or minimalistic you are! 

How did you do? Whatever your results, everyone has a unique way of dressing and expressing their personality through fashion. Whether you like matching sets or mixing prints, have fun and be authentically you!