Styling Tips and Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

By: Megdalyn Leilani

The cold, long winter is finally over and spring is upon us! With many different items on trend and so many brands to shop from, it can be hard trying to find things you truly want that will get their use. Styling pieces correctly can be a very tricky thing for most people, including myself, even though I am a stylist.

 Knowing your body type, color stories that work for your skin tone, and an overall "style" you're trying to achieve, are all things that can make the process of piecing together a look so much easier! This spring and summer, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with new pieces you love or pieces that you think might be risky!

You could never go wrong with a floral maxi dress for the spring and summer seasons. Easily pieced together with accessories like glasses, earrings, sandals, and a beautiful bag that fits all of your spring/summer necessities. 

Florals are the perfect spring and summer pattern because the delicacy of the color stories that are usually used for fluorescents scream spring and summer! This style of dress can be found at many different stores and brands like Reformation, Urban Outfitters, and Target.

White bottoms for spring and summer? Groundbreaking. You could never go wrong with a pair of white bottoms for the spring/summer months. Highlighting your tan glow and beachy waves, this is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe this season!

Long, high waisted, wide leg, and white? The perfect pants to have for spring and summer styling! Incorporating this type of pant into your wardrobe will make it so much easier to style colorful tops, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Who doesn't love an easy style? 

Cheetah sistas!!! Cheetah print skirts, tops or dresses are always the perfect statements for summer, especially in a nice flowy skirt. Styling prints can be a very difficult task for some people because they never know what colors they can piece it with. This season, I have noticed many more patterned pieces incorporated into looks and I am here to say, I love it!

Cheetah print and light denim? Sign me up! Pairing cheetah print with denim is one of the best and easiest routes to go when wanting to style a print like this. Paired with Ferrari red accessories, it makes the simple outfit pop even more. 

Styling for spring/summer can be very difficult because you don't want to be wrapped up in too many fabrics that make you too hot for comfort. So finding the perfect pieces and color stories for you and your style will make your warm-weather wardrobe the best it will be. Make this summer season your best yet with a great wardrobe and wonderful adventures. Don't forget to share your spring/summer outfits and outfit inspiration with us here at Madame Blue on IG and Twitter.