Madame Blue is an online publication for articles and interviews focused on fashion, travel and lifestyle.
Madame Blue was created in 2016 by Valeria Ramos, a Hispanic communication student with an interest in writing, fashion and travel. 

More of a platform and less of a personal blog, the goal of Madame Blue is to share the words and work of international brands, fashion industry professionals and more.  From fashion and art to travel and lifestyle, there is always something to learn from others, and by sharing their stories, this blog aims to not only entertain, but educate. 

Now welcoming contributing writers, Madame Blue invites those interested in writing about fashion, travel and lifestyle to share their work and be published on this platform. To contribute, send a message here.

Behind The Name

"Madame Blue is a nickname my parents gave to me when I was a stubborn child exhibiting what could be referred to as 'diva' behavior. While being demanding is often considered unfavorable, I think it is actually a quality any leader should have. I believe everyone has a little Madame Blue in them - whether it shows through expensive taste in clothing, high standards for oneself or simply a motivation to succeed - there is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and not settling for less."