3 Summer Cocktails to Sip Poolside

By: Valeria Ramos

When the sun is blazing, a craving for nice, cold drinks and hanging out by the pool is on the mind of most people who enjoy making the most out of summer.

While everyone has a particular poison of choice, it is almost guaranteed that a fresh and tangy drink will not be denied by even the pickiest drinkers when it's a scorcher out.

In celebration of the approach of summer, we've gathered three of delicious cocktail recipes fit for anyone wanting to have a little fun while they soak up some sun.

Nothing says summer like a margarita, except maybe a watermelon margarita. This yummy cocktail is an easy way to turn a pool day into a pool party and is way more exciting than the traditional pre-made margarita mixes you'll find in any store.

Another fresh cocktail we're loving is the Western Indian. Not only does this drink sound cool, but it also tastes great. Sometimes it's the most simple drinks that are the best and this cocktail embodies just that by combining several classic vodka chasers into one, making it a poolside party favorite.

Ask any Beyoncé fan and they will tell you, summer is not complete without a little bit of lemonade (both the album and the drink). Fresh up the classic vodka-lemonade with some fresh thyme. Even better, add some sliced cucumbers and cover the rim of your cup with some chile!