4 Important Things To Remember In College

By Mireya Pérez

Back to school season is already here! If you are still in college, or this is your first year enrolling, there are some things you should keep in mind for the start of the semester. Here are four ideas that might help you get a fresh kickoff.

Step out of your shell

Being in your shell can be comfortable. You could lay in your room all day watching Netflix, studying, or sleeping, but eventually, you’re going to need to step out. Try to meet new people, or getting involved in activities that you wouldn’t have thought they were right for you before. Why is it important? You’re not in high school anymore, college can and probably will mature you into someone different. Big part of growing means to step out of your comfort zone.

Time management is key

This is one thing that I had to learn on my own. At college, no one will tell you to study, attend class, review your notes or get the work done in time. Get a planner so you can get everything done without overwhelming yourself. Also, make sure to attend class. It sounds obvious, but missing lectures for a little more sleep or just because the teacher is boring happens. A lot.

Stay informed of what’s going on around you

In college, it's up to you to know what's happening. Whether you're supposed to bring a certain book to a class, there’s an event or your teacher has finished grading papers, the message will probably be delivered over an email. Also, pay attention to the bulletin board and other events going on on campus.

Take steps to relax

The amount of pressure, change of habits, or being away from home if that's the case, sometimes affects your mental health. Attend a yoga class, go for a walk with your favorite music playing on your headphones, call your family or friends through skype. And remember everyone feels the same. College is stressful, some people might be better at hiding it than others.