5 Simple Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

By: Valeria Ramos

Within the last five years or so, more people have begun to look for ways to reduce waste and introduce sustainable habits into their lifestyle with the hope of protecting the planet that we too often take for granted.

While our planet has a long way to go in terms of reducing waste and pollution, doing your part to live more eco-friendly can be as easy as introducing simple habits into your daily routine.

Avoid plastic bags

Plastic is the largest ocean polluter and deciding to avoid plastic bags is not only eco-friendly but also more convenient. A large tote bag makes grocery shopping more of a breeze as one canvas bag can carry the contents of a handful of plastic bags. Keeping a canvas bag in your car or tucking foldable reusable bags in your purse will help you shop more sustainably everywhere you go! Once you incorporate this habit into your routine you can say goodbye to the plastic bag filled with plastic bags hiding under the sink.

Photos: @ever.eco, @makeuperaser

Use a makeup removing cloth

While makeup wipes and cotton rounds might be quick and easy to use, there is no denying that they are wasteful. Nowadays, there is more than likely a reusable alternative to any one-time use product. Makeup removing cloths or eco-cotton rounds are items you will only have to buy once and simply wash after using. Ta-da! No more waste!

Use only one or two water bottles

Plastic water bottles are so 2008. Buying a hydro-flask or any reusable bottle is a no-brainer. A filtered water pitcher and a few reusable bottles in different sizes are all you need to stay hydrated and waste-free. Another tip is to take your own thermos to coffee shops and have your brew poured with no plastic necessary. In instances where using plastic bottles or cans are unavoidable, be sure to recycle!

Reusable rags are the way to go! @librettoreviews

Reusable rags are the way to go! @librettoreviews

Put down paper towels

Paper, just like plastic, pollutes too many landfills. Instead of throwing away and buying a new roll of paper towels every couple of weeks, use cloth rags that you can just wash with your laundry when needed. You can even cut up an old t-shirt and use that to clean up your next spill!

Buy second-hand

Shopping for vintage clothing, used books, second-hand furniture, etc. are just a few examples of where you can save money and also reduce waste. Whatever you’re shopping for, don’t forget to take along your reusable bag!