Alexandria Morgan on Changing the Fashion Industry

By: Valeria Ramos

On the fourth episode of our Office Chats podcast, I chatted with NY-based model and YouTuber Alexandria Morgan about the ups and downs of today's evolving modeling industry.

Morgan's honesty about the modeling industry via social media is something I've always found very refreshing and her desire to help make it a better environment for women to work in is inspiring.

On her YouTube channel and our podcast, Morgan opened up about some difficult experiences she's encountered in her modeling career.



From harmful body critiques, nepotism, and a lack of resources and benefits, there are many hardships in the modeling industry many have accepted as a part of the job.

Morgan, however, chooses not to accept the unjust practices in the modeling industry. Instead, she hopes to be able to help change them.

While she recently opened up, Morgan shared she was not always so brave.

"Your agency will make you feel like you can be easily replaced," Morgan said. "If you complain, you're a diva and no one wants to work with divas. So you just kind of bottle it up."

At one particular polaroid shoot, Morgan walked in feeling strong and confident after months of training. At 5'10, Morgan weighed in at 112 lbs.

"If I would have taken it any further it could have dipped into the unhealthy range," she said. "But I never wanted that to be me."

Although Morgan was "definitely underweight," her booker had other opinions. The most chilling comment was when he suggested that Morgan "walk less," to slim down her thighs.

Something is very wrong when a man telling a woman to lessen her path so she'll be smaller is considered a norm in the industry.



"I think the industry is moving in a positive direction for diversity, but there is still intense critiques of bodies," Morgan said. "You can diet and exercise all you want but you can't shave inches off your hips when it's down to the bone."

Despite all the hardships she's faced, Morgan's desire to continue pursuing her dreams has not diminished.

"I love it enough to want to be in it and help change it for the better," Morgan said. "I want to fuel my career to be the best I can and use my platform to help make a change."

By sharing her story, Morgan hopes to inspire other models to feel comfortable about speaking out and demanding a just industry.