Bar Cart Styling 101

By: Valeria Ramos

In the apartment of every twenty-something who enjoys a great drink and even greater night out, you're more than likely to find a bar cart.

A quick search for "bar cart" on Pinterest will reveal that these furnishings are for more than just holding bottles of alcohol. Bar cart styling is a fun way to display alcohol decor and give a room some extra personality.

Here are some styling tips and essentials every bar-cart needs.

1. Alcohol (Duh)

Displaying your alcohol bottles can be fun, but, unless you're a college kid, you should avoid clutter by throwing away empties.

2. Glasses and Coasters

Wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila. Some of the most popular poisons that all require different glasses. Stocking up on a few essentials is a good way to go. Keeping it simple is the best way to go, but shot glasses and cup coasters should be anything but boring.

3. Art

Displaying framed art on a bar cart is an easy way to elevate it from a couple of bottles on a shelf into a center of focus in your home. Whether the art is alcohol-related or not is completely up to you!

4. Books

Cocktail books can seem a bit pointless seeing as there are Pinterest boards and blogs with endless recipes available. However, there are so many fun and quirky books that add a special touch to any bar. Check out our three favorite cocktail books here!