How To Dress Like A Parisian It-Girl

By: Olivia Marrone

Puffy sleeves, airy sundresses, and square necklines. This summer my Instagram feed has been filled with minimalistic, Victorian-esque, and Parisian chic fashion.

While some of these looks only seem ideal for a quick Instagram snapshot, we’ve got some tips for incorporating this style into your everyday life. Keep reading to find out how you can easily infuse this effortlessly put-together style aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe.

Look for Square and V-Necklines

Photo Courtesy:  Reformation

Photo Courtesy: Reformation

This is a key component with mastering this summer’s Instagram style trend. When looking at the Victorian & French-inspired style aesthetics, square and V-necklines repeatedly make appearances (think Reformation dresses and tops, like the one pictured above). A square neckline adds a unique touch to an outfit, while the classic ‘V’ neckline helps elongate your torso, making both styles very chic and flattering.

Pick Up Some Cropped & Slightly Flared Jeans

Photo Courtesy:  @ceciliemoosgaard

Photo Courtesy: @ceciliemoosgaard

A classic pair of cropped & slightly flared jeans is a French girl must-have. Perfect to wear with any type of summer shoe (my favorite look is a block-heeled sandal), this style of jeans will become your go-to summer pants.

Have Your Go-To, Simple Flat Shoes

Photo Courtesy:  @verena.fw

Photo Courtesy: @verena.fw

This style tip is directed more towards the minimalist/Parisian vibe. Whether it be ballerina flats, sandals or loafers, having some simple and classic pairs of flat shoes can help your outfit look effortlessly chic.

Pattern of Choice: Polka Dots

Photo Courtesy:  @jeannedamas  in  @rouje

Photo Courtesy: @jeannedamas in @rouje

Polka dots make every outfit more fun and add a subtle feminine touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit. A print that can easily be dressed up or down, polka dots are the perfect print for summer!

Accessories: Keep It Simple

Photo Courtesy:  @orionvanessa

Photo Courtesy: @orionvanessa

To quote Harry Styles, the phrase “simple but effective” sums up this summer’s accessorizing trend very nicely. Catering to the minimalist style aesthetic, gold jewelry (specifically pendant necklaces and hoop earrings) has been a staple in every Instagram blogger’s jewelry collection this summer.

Add a Lightweight Cardigan

Photo Courtesy:  @simplytandya

Photo Courtesy: @simplytandya

Cardigans are back and better than ever! One of the top summer fashion trends that I've spotted on Instagram is wearing a cardigan as your top. Style your cardigan of choice with a pair of cropped & flared jeans, some heeled sandals, and a bucket bag, and you’re well on your way to achieving that Parisian chic style status.

Button Down Shirts: A Wardrobe Must-Have

Photo Courtesy:  @leiasfez

Photo Courtesy: @leiasfez

A crisp, white or light blue button-down shirt is an essential not only in a Parisian girl’s wardrobe, but also just a classic wardrobe basic to have. Versatile and timeless, pairing a white or light blue button-down shirt with a pair of jeans, a belt and loafers creates the effortlessly chic French “It-Girl” look we’re all striving for.

Own A Pair of White/Creme Pants

Photo Courtesy:  Reformation

Photo Courtesy: Reformation

In addition to owning a good pair of flared denim, wearing white/creme pants has been a style staple this summer. Whether it’s in denim, linen or trouser form, these colors are perfect for the hot and humid summer weather.

These are my top tips on how to achieve this summer’s chic style trend! If you have any tips for how to achieve this look, leave a comment below so that we can all live out our minimalist, Parisian “It-Girl” fashion dreams!