Get the London Look: Fall Menswear Courtesy Of Tom Holland

By: Olivia Marrone

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is saving Europe and fall fashion this year. Between starring in the billion-dollar movie hit of the summer and having several projects planned for the future, Tom Holland continues to fulfill his “Renaissance Man” persona by adding fashion editorials to the list.

As the cover star of the September issue of GQ Style, Tom’s interview was accompanied by stunning photography and fall fashion. The looks were elegant yet wearable, and the aesthetic of the photoshoot was a reminder of how simple looks often make the most impact.

With the outfits being timelessly stylish, this makes it easy for anyone to recreate in their wardrobes. September is regarded as fashion month and although we often mainly look at women’s fashion, menswear this time of year is just as chic yet under-appreciated.

Whether you’re reading this for style inspiration or sharing it with your brother, dad, boyfriend, best friend, uncle or cousin, here’s how the men in our lives can incorporate some of Tom’s editorial style into their own fall/winter wardrobe.


1. A Good Pair of Trousers Can Go A Long Way

With fall fashion, especially menswear, it may seem obvious to mention trousers as a wardrobe essential - however never underestimate what a good dress pant can do for your outfits. This is a piece that will instantly elevate any look. You can even style these with a t-shirt and converse (which Tom has worn in previous interviews) for a perfect mix of “put together but not too dressy.” Being such a versatile garment, once you buy a pair of trousers they will without a doubt become a go-to item in your wardrobe for years.

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2. Overcoats Over All Else

Overcoats are amazing because they go with everything. These are another piece that can completely pull an outfit together, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. Besides being stylish, they’re practical for the chilly autumn months and allow you the room to wear multiple layers - which is much needed this time of year. Whether it’s a casual look or more dressed up (similar to Tom’s above), your overcoat will be sure to get you through the fall weather and upcoming holiday season.

3. Don’t Be Scared of Turtlenecks

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Turtlenecks: the one fall/winter wardrobe item we’re all hesitant about wearing despite it looking great on. Not only are they perfect for layering, but this in-between sweater is also a phenomenal way to easily look polished and put-together. With the cold weather months fast approaching, whatever the occasion may be, a turtleneck with a nice pair of trousers and dress shoes/boots is a look that will never fail you. Add a belt, overcoat and a watch, and you’re looking as dapper as Tom Holland.

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4. Fit Is Key

Making sure the hems of your sleeves and trousers hit you properly and that the pieces fit you well is very important. As you can see in the GQ Style photos, the pieces fit Tom perfectly, but you don’t need to get things made bespoke for them to look like they were made for you. Simply taking your clothes to your local dry cleaner or tailor can easily fix most size/length problems with your garments. Despite these alterations seeming small, they do make a big difference in the end.

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5. Wearing Different Colors & Textures - Don’t Knock It Til You Try It

Why not switch things up this fall by trying different colors and textures? Tom does this throughout the photoshoot by wearing dark/royal blue dress shoes, a tan shearling coat, and a Matrix-esque, leather-looking two-piece suit (seen above). While these pieces may seem a bit daunting to try out if you aren’t one to deviate from your usual wardrobe, there are easy and subtle ways to incorporate these design aspects into your style. Trying dark colors that are close to neutrals, such as plum, a deep red or emerald green, is one easy way to broaden your wardrobe horizons. Also if you know what styles/silhouettes you like, try seeing if you can find those pieces in different colors/textures before deciding whether or not you like it. Although the idea of a Matrix-like suit may seem bold in theory, once you’ve tried it on you might end up being pleasantly surprised.

Despite the cool-weather months leading us to go back to the same few pieces we always wear, let this be an encouragement to try out some new outfits this fall! Yes, these looks are editorial, but when you break them down the individual pieces are quite simple.

You don’t have to go and completely recreate these looks, but even just using them as inspiration in a time of need can help you quickly create polished and chic looks. And if you have any question as to whether or not you can pull something off, just remember: if Spider-Man can wear it, so can you.