Haley Sacks: The Woman Demystifying the Finance Industry Through Pop Culture

Haley Sacks, Creator of Mrs. Dow Jones. Photo:  alphasixty

Haley Sacks, Creator of Mrs. Dow Jones. Photo: alphasixty

The world of finance can seem very jarring and esoteric to newcomers and even to seasoned veterans. However, among the disorienting cacophony of Google definitions and bland YouTube videos there lies a beacon of hope in the form of an Instagram account called @mrsdowjones. The account is run by Haley Sacks, a twenty-six-year-old on a mission to demystify the finance industry through the use of pop culture.

Photo: @mrsdowjones via Instagram

Photo: @mrsdowjones via Instagram

The idea for the account first branched out of Sacks’ love of pop culture. Growing up with a dad who worked on Wall Street, Sacks was surrounded by the finance industry but felt like an outsider due to the confusing jargon she felt too embarrassed to ask to be explained.

Her exclusion led her to focus on celebrity gossip rather than business news until one day when she found herself with no gossip magazines at her disposal and reached for financial news instead. To her surprise, Sacks found herself engrossed in the finance industry and learning everything she could about the industry.

Photo:  Forbes

Photo: Forbes

Nevertheless, as Sacks cultivated her financial literacy she couldn’t help but notice how much of the general information regarding the finance industry was not beginner-friendly, thus leading to the creation of her Instagram account.

“I feel like there’s gotta be a lot of people who feel as intimidated by finance as I once did, so I wanna help bridge the gap. The ethos of my brand is financial literacy.” Sacks stated in an interview with Dealbreaker. Thus resulting in the birth of the @mrsdowjones Instagram account and YouTube channel in which she employs the likes of Taylor Swift to explain hedge funds.

In just a short amount of time, Sacks’ account has exploded with a total of 80,000+ followers along with the expansion of her brand that now includes Mrs. Dow Jones merchandise (I am personally a fan of the MDJ Country Club Collection).

As an avid follower of finance meme Instagram accounts and a business economics student, I was refreshed by Sack’s novel approach towards explaining industry terms as well as providing a feminine perspective of the male-dominated world of Wall Street.

Haley Sacks’ Instagram account is a force of power to be reckoned with as it not only cultivates financial literacy in the masses but inspires women everywhere to not be restricted by the perceived gender barriers of industries such as finance.

Mrs. Dow Jones merchandise. Photo:  mrsdowjones.com

Mrs. Dow Jones merchandise. Photo: mrsdowjones.com