The Jalapeño Marg You Need in Your Life

By: Valeria Ramos


Trying new twists on classic cocktails is a great way to find new party favorites. As five influential British women once said, sometimes all you need to do is "spice up your life."

If you're into sweet drinks with a little punch of spice, this jalapeño margarita recipe might be your new favorite cocktail.

Be warned, however, the jalapeno flavor easily disguises the taste of tequila, even if you're pouring it heavy-handed. So take it easy on the tequila, maybe have some tacos while you’re at it, and you'll wake up hangover-free.

All you need to create this delicious cocktail is tequila (duh), jalapeño limeade (we love this one from Trader Joe's), sliced cucumbers or jalapeños, lime, and Tajin around the rim. Salud!