The V.S. Fashion Show is Canceled

VS Fashion Show Finale, Photo:

VS Fashion Show Finale, Photo:

Fashion insider information of the day: the Victoria Secret fashion show is no more.

What was once a spectacle of models prancing around in thongs watched by envious or overly eager audience members and T.V. viewers, is now a debate topic of exclusivity.

Over the years, the brand has expanded its angels to become a more diverse group, but in an era of female empowerment and inclusivity, a few minorities won’t cut it.

There has always been an underlying problem in this man-made company of women becoming sexualized in lingerie and while the purpose of those undergarments is to inspire sensual confidence, it still remains that their marketing and advertising doesn’t present women in an emancipated light.

With modern labels, such as Agent Provocateur and Savage x Fenty, that make all women a priority, the difference in campaigns is noteworthy. Both claim an edgier style with an array of body shapes and ethnicities that fill their Instagram feeds with dancing and actual consumers, while Victoria Secret’s keep their social media surrounding the same ten girls.

It’s obvious that clients want to connect and see themselves in marketing but V.S. refuses to allow others, such as curvy women, to walk the runway, so one of the hang-ups of not assimilating to new standards is to get “canceled.”

Savage x Fenty, Photo:

Savage x Fenty, Photo:

Also, the infamous Jeffrey Epstein ties in nicely as being a former financial manager for V.S. owner, Les Wexner. Epstein is accused of sex trafficking and has involvement with a model agency that allowed girls as young as 12 years old to come to the United States to be used for sexual purposes. Although an overdone pun, it turns out that Victoria’s Secret is sexist and misogynistic ethics.

As we watch this company’s downfall, hopefully, we see their perspective of women as “angels” with perfect bodies and feminine enticement go with it.

As frivolous as discussing which lingerie brands are better seems, especially in today’s political climate, this is still about equality and accountability. We have to demand a new reality where everyone is seen, appreciated and able to purchase lingerie without fear of feeling lesser than the models who wore it in the campaign.