What Do Fashion Design Students Think About The Industry?

By Mireya Perez

Meet, Ainhoa Ayala and Laura Montes, two design students at UNAV and Creanavarra, who are sharing their thoughts on the fashion industry.

Both of them agree that fashion is a way of expression: "For designers, who express themselves through their creations, and for everyone else, as a way of telling who we are through what we choose to wear" says Laura. She assures she has always loved fashion and art. "Fashion design seemed like the perfect way to combine both."

Meanwhile, Ainhoa defines herself as someone passionate about art, who considers fashion to be just one form of it. "As soon as I learned what fashion designers were, that's what I wanted to be. As I grew older, I decided to pursue what I was most passionate about, that's how I got into design." She takes a broader definition of what fashion means: "it's a style, a style that appears with a frequency."

Ainhoa Ayala

Ainhoa Ayala

They love fashion, but I wonder, is there anything they don't like about the industry itself?

Laura: Being a little hypocritical, I do not like fast-fashion. It allows brands to present many collections in a short period of time and at a low price. But it is harmful to the environment, affects small businesses, and degrades the meticulous work behind a piece of fashion. People buy a lot, thus, they get tired of clothing quickly. This produces a brutal waste.

Ainhoa: It is saddening that fashion is such a globalized industry since it complicates finding local brands and unique garments. But, above that, I dislike that many of these globalized companies exploit their workers.

So do you expect to see change within the next decade?

Laura: This industry requires constant change an evolution. In the next decade, for what I'm already seeing, there will be a tendency towards sustainability, perhaps we'll witness a return to handmade elaboration.

Ainhoa: I hope many changes come at both environmental and social-labor levels. There are alternatives available, but since they aren't currently well known, we have many years left to get the industry to adapt to them.

Some people think fashion doesn't influence their lives in any way. Others believe trends mark entire generations. What influence does fashion really have in society?

Laura: Its influence is tremendous, in terms of how the individual relates to itself and other people. In the end, clothes give you a big clue on someone's personality.

Ainhoa: Even if fashion doesn't speak completely for us, our general appearance contributes a lot to our way of being. I don't believe it stipulates exactly who we are, however, I believe fashion is part of our identity, considering we are the ones who choose which style to follow.

Laura Montes

Laura Montes

Since we're discussing individualism, let's talk about influencers. Is there anyone you consider a big reference for the industry?

Laura: I think each influencer is a reference for a certain group of people, everyone has their audience. For me, that would be Chiara Ferragni.

Ainhoa: As a consumer of social media, I find myself influenced by influencers. Yet I always try to distinguish between genuine content and advertising. I understand influencers live on brand partnerships, but I always try to keep what influences me as real and sincere as possible.

Now that we know your views on the industry, how would you like to contribute to this world?

Laura: I would like to be able to show who I am, rather than creating something for everyone else. I'd like to conceive something special for a specific target that wants to stand out.

Ainhoa: I would like to have a safe spot in the industry and strive for the transparency of my brand.