How to Win At Your Commute

By: Lauren Gallup

Taking a swing at commuting over an hour and a half for work has taught me a thing or two about this daily chore. It’s the little things that can make your commute a whole lot better:

1. Know where you’re going

Test out the drive or train and bus routes before you’re needing to get to work. On the “test drive” you’ll get to notice all the things that will make your commute that much easier, like which roads to avoid because of construction projects, where to park and most importantly, the closest coffee shop.

2.  Listen to an audiobook

Music is fun, but why not take the time during your daily commute to lose yourself in a book? Just don’t lose yourself so much that you rear end that Toyota-uh oh.

3. Bring snacks

You never know how long your commute might be and who wants to drive hangry? Bring healthy, easy snacks that give you the energy to get home, like carrot sticks, mixed nuts and maybe even dark chocolate!

And to show your love for the earth with your snacks, bring them in reusable glass containers like mason jars that fit right in your cup holder. Or choose snacks that come in their own, eco-friendly packaging, like oranges and bananas!

4. Go easy on the earth

If you can, find public transportation options that allow you to sit back and not worry about driving.

Commuting by rail is one of the more eco-friendly ways to go a long distance. If the train isn’t an option into your office, try bringing your bike on the bus to go part of the distance on two wheels.

If you can’t avoid taking your car, why not take the responsibility off your shoulders and carpool with coworkers? Your car will rack up fewer miles if you’re driving less and you’ll have time to gossip about all the office drama!  Commutes are always faster when you have someone to talk to!

5. Get there early

No matter how you commute: by rail, wheels, or car, punctuality will make your day that much less stressful! Arrive at the train or bus station early and get a window seat. Head out the door early and stop by your favorite café for a morning pick me up.  You’ll feel better when you’re not rushing into the office five minutes late.

6. Be patient

Commuting isn’t always rosy-but it’s just a part of your day. Let the jerk pass you on the freeway, it’s not worth your time. If you’re waiting for a bus that just won’t show up, look around and enjoy the things that made you excited about coming to this place to work in the first place. And know that the bus will come, and very soon, you’ll be home.