Who is madame blue?

“Madame Blue is a nickname my parents gave to me as a child after a Styx song. While I was given this nickname for my demanding behavior at the time, I grew to embrace this alter ego of mine because it encompasses many of the qualities that make me strong, independent, and motivated. Madame Blue represents go-getters with high expectations for themselves and a drive to meet those expectations, regardless of obstacles.” -Valeria Ramos, Founder

how can i join the team?

Madame Blue welcomes writers, graphic designers and creative talent of all kinds! If you feel like you can bring something to our platform, apply here. Note that all positions at Madame Blue are unpaid. 

do i need experience to apply for a writing position?

Experience is preferred, but not required. If you are enthusiastic about the position you’re applying for and willing to put in the work, Madame Blue is the perfect place to get your feet wet, learn how to work with a remote team, improve your skills, and have fun!